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Discovering a great caricature artist usually means combing through dozens of portfolios.

Find great artists on Saturn by comparing caricatures of the same celebrity by different artists.

Lupita Nyongo by Thomas Torr

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Cut Colour Caricature

$20 per face

Digital color caricature

$35 per face

Realistic render

$39 per face

Quick Cartoons

$15 per face

Hand Drawn Colorful Portraits

$35 per face

Black and white digital

$10 per face

Line Art Caricatures

$20 per face

Bob's Burgers Portraits

$30 per face

Realistic Caricatures without faces

$10 per face

Hand Drawn Caricature

$35 per face

Hand Drawn Monochromatic Portraits

$30 per face

Sketchy line work

$35 per face

2D Style

$35 per face

Digital Full Color

$30 per face

Realistic Illustrations

$15 per face

Painted style caricature & background

$65 per face
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Hiring freelancers is often painful. It requires you to post a job and then read through dozens of bids, proposals and profiles before you even begin negotiating.

Saturn has a uniform and transparent pricing model that tells you the exact price based on the amount of work you need done.

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Work happens in Stages

Transparency is vital to hiring someone over the Internet. The number 1 problem both clients & freelancers face is breach of contract due to the lack of a process for coordinating together.

Instead, get a front row seat into how your caricature gets made. Work on Saturn happens in stages so you know exactly what to expect next. Work does not drag on forever or proceed without your timely approval.

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Tom Kenny

Akshay Kumar


Lupita Nyongo

Trevor Noah

Angela Merkel

Ranveer singh

Ranbir Kapoor

Muhammad Ali

Dwayne Johnson

Hrithik Roshan

Heath Ledger

Joaquin Phoenix

Jack Nicholson

Lata Mangeshkar

Bappi Lahiri

Usha Uthup

Mahatma Gandhi

Amitabh Bachchan

John McCain

Stan Lee

Daisy Ridley

Ajay Devgn

Kane Williamson

Danny Devito

Novak Djokovic

Ashton Kutcher

Robert De Niro

Elvis Presley

Lady Gaga

Kirk Douglas

Chadwick Boseman



Kamal Hassan

Ed Sheeran


Iyakunar Sigaram

Kathy Bates

Ludivine Sagnier